Jan 17, 2011

Bedtime Stories For Snuggling

Do you read for your kids? Reading for the kids can help to build their love for books.

I have to read for my little one every night, sometimes she will request for extra story book. She loves to go to the library, the moment she steps in, she will go search for her favourite books and pull out from the selves until she couldn't carry them, then she will seat down to browse every book. She also loves to go Popular bookshop.

Remembering the first book she had, it was just pictures and colour book. Picture illustration actually interpret everything words can say. Pictures also give ideas to the kids of what it is (the picture of the story is). Now, she has her own library, I got her a book shelves specially for her collection of magazines and books.

Asus 1001PX Netbook

Courts was having its 2nd Anniversary celebration @Lot 1 shopping mall from 15 - 16 Jan 2011. There were lots of good bargains as they were having hourly special and auction on many mechandise items. From LCD, LED, plasma TV to notebook, netbook and lots of household electronic products such as blender, juicer and coffee maker, all were specially sold at lower price, some even got auction at half price.

I got my Asus 1001PX Netbook at $430, starting bid at $50. Original price for the netbook was said to be at $600+. I dont know if I got it at good bargain, as I just google it, people were buying at $399 only.

Do you ever get good bargain at such promotion? I think it was quite a good bargain for certain products.

Jan 11, 2011

Are you a Superstition type?

Do you believe in superstition?

If I said I dont believe in such things, I might be lying to myself. Because sometimes you dont have to be agreed or disagreed with it, but if you already knew the rules you might as well just follow it. Because we always regret after what we did. I dont want to regret later on, that's very torturing, do you agree?

I mean why do you want to go against somethings that we smell fishy about? If we heard about the rules, dont against it, follow it.

I just read about people saying a myth of staying at hotel.

I dont know if its true or not, but if I remember next time when check-in a hotel I will sure do so. What should you do before you enter a hotel room?

I have experienced myself at many occasions, when we stayed at hotel in Indonesia. I didnt know what happen, but my daughter just cant go to her sound sleep. She will sleep, but she will keep crying during her sleep, and it really freak me out as it always happened whenever we stayed at hotel.

Today, I read about what you should actually do before you enter the hotel room.

Some said, you should knock at the door and wait for a few minutes before entering. Do you do this? Another version is you should say sorry and pray sincerely before go inside the room.

Another said, you should flush the toilet once you entered the room. Why? I also have no idea.

If you see a Bible on the dressing table, it means mischievous ghosts residing in the room. Sound spooky right? Even bad if the Bible is open.

What's your view about this? Do you have other version or believe? Share it here.
Or will you do what others are saying?

To play save, I think I will :)


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