Jan 17, 2011

Asus 1001PX Netbook

Courts was having its 2nd Anniversary celebration @Lot 1 shopping mall from 15 - 16 Jan 2011. There were lots of good bargains as they were having hourly special and auction on many mechandise items. From LCD, LED, plasma TV to notebook, netbook and lots of household electronic products such as blender, juicer and coffee maker, all were specially sold at lower price, some even got auction at half price.

I got my Asus 1001PX Netbook at $430, starting bid at $50. Original price for the netbook was said to be at $600+. I dont know if I got it at good bargain, as I just google it, people were buying at $399 only.

Do you ever get good bargain at such promotion? I think it was quite a good bargain for certain products.


  1. Too bad the netbook was not faithed to be mine, because yesterday I was going to try it, it wasnt working at all. I have to bring back for exchange, but they didnt have the stock....Got my full refund.

  2. I think the original price tag said on the spot during the auction was not correct, because when I returned the Asus netbook back to Courts, the price tag on the store was just $498. Everything was priced higher so it would be seen as huge discount in order to attract people in buying...



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