Jan 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010

Thinking back over the year, there were really some bad health problems had happened to me. Learning from experiences have woken me up to look into my own health.

Its true that, your own body, your own health, only yourself can take good care. You cant ignore it when health problems really occurred.

I am going to say goodbye to those bad things happened to me, and awakening to my new healthy chapter in the new year ahead.

You can't avoid going to spend money to see doctors, when your health problems come. So its better to spend on good healthy foods and supplements and spend time to do regular workout in order to stay healthy and good shape for the year ahead of you.

I started to go see doctor when I failed to conceive after a year of trying. At first my friend introduce me to see congyi (Chinese doctor), she is a well known congyi in women's fertility problem. The first time she read my pulse, she said I have a small cyst in my uterus, it happened because of un-finished period blood that gather inside and forming cysts that attached to the wall in uterus.

If I didnt remove the cyst and get pregnant it will easily cause miscarriage. So I went for a small operation in early Jan of 2010. After 5 months of operation I got pregnant in May. But unfortunately, my baby's heart beat stop in the second month, so I have to remove it. It was a big blow to me, why did it have to happen to me.

After learning about why the miscarriage happened, I can slowly accept the fact. People said, having a baby is a bless from God. It comes naturally and its God's gift. Maybe it's not a right time for baby to come to me or we were just un-faithed to be together.

I will accept whatever God has arranged for me.

After, what have happened, I must admit that I have to spend money to make myself healthy again by taking supplement from chongyi, I also must make myself stress free and keeping fit.

Anyone who having same grievance during the past year, please share with me. So I wont feel alone and dealing this matter.

Keep fit and keep healthy everyone:)

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