Jan 7, 2011

Featured In Jetstar Asia Fan Club Magazine

Are you going to take on Jetstar soon? Please turn to page 65 of Jetstar on flight magazine. Why? Because my daughter is being featured in Jetstar Asia Fan Club magazine. Yes, she has won Jetstar rewards voucher worth S$600.

Although, we havent got a chance to use the voucher for another trip, as we havent got any spare time to go on holiday during the validity period. Too bad and sad to waste the voucher just like that. Jetstar should have allowed us a flexible timing, that would be great. Because from the winning time to take off time, the period given was only a month.

But thanks to Jestar we could have cheap flight to our winning destination of HongKong. We were glad as our daughter got a chance to meet her favourite stars which is Disney princesses and taking photos with them was a great fun for her.

And now she can be on the magazine which is a good thing to be happy about. As we can share with family and friends.

Do you want to win Jestar vouchers and featured on the Jetstar magazine as well? I check on the latest magazine, there is another contest going on, just send in your fun photos, it could be your luck! Try it, no fee involved at all, as you will be sending in the photo through email, yup!

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