Dec 17, 2010

Playing Santa!

The clock is tickling close to Christmas, its only 4 days to go. Have you found your gifts? I can imagine the Santa are in the mall looking for gifts.

Recalling last Xmas, I played Santa to put gifts in the Xmas stocking for my little princess. She really thought it was from Santa. She was happy so excited to check on the stocking.

Every parents really need to prepare to two gifts, one from parents and the other one pretending to be from Santa. That's why I said we all are playing Santa.

This year my daughter is preparing gifts for her friends, I taught her to DIY, it would be more special and fun to do. She even played as the post girl to deliver them to her friends' mail box as they all stay quite near.

(DIY notebooks with colour paper)

I think the most important meaning of giving out gifts is the thought and sincerity that counts.

What do you think the most important meaning of buying gifts to your friends or family on this special occasion?

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