Apr 14, 2010

Elvin Ng Quitting ShowBiz?

Quitting showbiz, it seems, isn't a thought limited to the girls. Or specifically, the princesses of Caldecott Hill.

While discussing the impending departure of close friend Jesseca Liu, actor Elvin Ng told xinmsn in an exclusive interview that he was unhappy the first three years on the job and had harboured thoughts of leaving.

The handsome lad had to juggle his university studies while acting in his first drama. Moreover, his command of Mandarin was poor. He had wanted to put a stop to this stint but inexplicably signed a contract with MediaCorp.

"I had doubts every day over the first three years. At the point of extending my contract I asked myself if I should leave.

"But I thought, I've given so much, results are starting to show, and I'm beginning to like acting. Leaving wouldn't be smart."

Elvin, a former model, stumbled into the industry after being talent-spotted on the variety show School Belle and Beau. Four years on, he is now one of local TV's most adored teen idols.

The turning point in his attitude towards stardom happened two years ago when he had knee surgery. The four-month break recharged his energy for acting.

"I want to act for 10 more years," he quipped, "but after that I don't know."

The 29-year-old will next be seen in the drama New Beginnings, before transforming into a tanned sailing coach for the Youth Olympics-inspired serial Splashes and Strings, which also stars Dai Yangtian, Felicia Chin, Yuan Shuai and Tracy Lee.

On baring skin again like his Tarzan character did in the anniversary megadrama Together, Elvin said, "I don't wish to continue selling sex appeal. Am I so lousy that I only have sex appeal?"

Ironically, he called his hunky figure a "burden".

The English Literature graduate from the National University of Singapore said with a tinge of exasperation, "I hope the attention won't be there all the time. I realized I'm needed to [bare skin] a lot recently."


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