Jun 10, 2010

Learned how to make banner for my blog!

Whenever I wanted to post something on my blog, I always ended up posting nothing because I keep changing my template and layout of my blog.

Today I log in blogger, I discovered a new way of quick editing or changing new template, no hassle no html code, just a click of a mouse, I am quite satisfied with it.

When you log into your blogger account it will ask you directly whether you want to try the new templates, then you just click 'yes I want to try'. After that just choose the template you like, you can also change the background colour and font. As well as the layout of your blog, where to put your side bar and so on.

Beside that I also learned how to make my own banner using Microsoft power point, just look at the one on my blog, yes I made it myself, maybe not very professionally made, but still presentable ha ha...
If you wanted to make one height for my banner is 9.8inches, width is 1.7inches

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