Apr 14, 2010

Joanne Peh Not In Top 10 List Of 2010 Star Awards?

One of Caldecott Hill's remaining 'Princesses' and last year's Best Actress, Joanne Peh, delivered a shocking twist when her name was missing from the top 10 leading female artistes list this week. With her huge fanbase, it comes as a surprise that she has been overtaken by TV's matriarch Xiang Yun, while others like Belinda Lee and Jin Yin Ji remain in the running.

Catch Joanne's ongoing drama series on Ch8, 7pm, Your Hand In Mine.

We're no math genius but since Yin Ji replaced Xiang Yun last week, and the latter now stands in Joanne's place, it is technically safe to conclude that grandma Yin Ji in Your Hand In Mine has surpassed the young, attractive, high-flying lawyer played by Joanne.

It is surprises galore at the men's corner, where Best Actor nominees Tay Ping Hui and Chen Han Wei were first left trailing last week after our exclusive xinmsn voting update on the Top 20 Most Popular Artistes, with the former still out of the list today.

Ping Hui took a revolving door and is left out in the cold once again. Same for 2007's Best Actor Zheng Ge Ping, who has been enjoying renewed success in recent years.

Their coveted spots have been taken over by Han Wei (finally!) and Shaun Chen, 32, the husband of Michelle who has never won the award even after starring in more than 10 drama serials over the years.

Star Awards 2010 Show 1 will be telecast 'live' on 18 Apr, 7pm on Ch 8. Star Awards 2010 Show 2 will be telecast 'live' on 25 Apr, 7pm on Ch 8. Star Awards Post Show will be telecast 'live' on 25 Apr, 10pm on Ch U.


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