Apr 9, 2010

Do you believe in Karma?

Today, while waiting for my daughter playing after school....we were talking about karma. Do you believe in karma? what is karma actually?

Do you believe of faith? Being able to be together as husband and wife, is that the faith of karma bring one to another? It could be one comes to repay the kindness of the other or it could be another way around, one comes to get what the other has owed to his or her. If you understand what karma is, I am sure you will understand what I am talking about here.

I believe everything comes with a reason, everything happened will have the cause and effect. If at one point of time in the past life, someone has helped you, but you have not repaid that person's kindness and you have passed on. In your next life, you will meet that person again to rapay his or her kindness. On the other hand, if you did harm to someone in your previous life, and in your next life you will get back the concequences of harming that person. That's karma, that's cause and effect.

The very obvious example we can see such as, a broken family, husband and wife always quarrel, kids not obedience, all of the people in the family come to get what we call in Chinese pao ying (the bad effects someone will get from what they did in the past)
Sometimes, we just envy some family, they always life happily, harmoniuosly, always helping each other, always give support to each other...those are the kindness deed the saw in their past life.

Sometimes we can see, our children are very naughty, and always disobeyed what the parents said, even talk back with their parents.

We even heard news, where children kill their parents or parents kill their children. We cannt say this has nothing to do with karma. Everything happened has its cause and effects we cant run away from it.

That's why wise people always said, when you want to say something, think twice, before you speak up. Chinese phrase said our mouth can kill, not because of things we eat can kill us slowly but the words we speak might kill someone without us knowing.
We must also think twice before we act or do something....we dont rush, think twice, think wise in order to avoid bad things happen.

How to avoid doing more bad karma?
  • think twice before you speak
  • think twice before you act
  • life is short, life our life to the fullest, do more good deeds
  • I think you will feel happier if you can make someone happy, or you have helped someone.
  • We have to pass everyday, every minute, why not make every moment a happy moment? If we are happy, I am sure people around us will also feel happy.

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