Apr 6, 2010

Learning Phonics with Super Why

Studying in Singapore can be quite stressful sometimes, I think the kids arent stress but the moms who will be.
I dont want to bring stressful education to my daughter, just withdrawn her from her piano lessons because she didnt like to practice, maybe she hasnt got the talent in it.

She has another lesson outside school which is phonics, she likes it very much, cant wait to go every week, that's the spirit I want from her, if she likes it I will let her continue if not I dont want to force her either. I think that's the healthy way of learning as she is only in K1.

Last Friday was Good Friday and it was an off day for my daughter, didnt bring her out as the weather wasnt aloud, so I let her play with my computer. She was so on the tv show "super why" because inside got a Princess Presto, her favourites character 'princess'. I let her play the game of 'spectacular sounds bingo' she can do it well, as she has learned from her phonics class. Not bad for practicing sounds.

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