Apr 10, 2010

How to train your dragon

Movie: How to train your dragon.*****

I just watched the above movie with my family last week.

The story begins, where villagers foods are eaten away by dragons. So the people decided to go search for dragon's nest in order to make them move away from the village. But the fact is those dragons are the slaves of a monster dragon, they steal for the gigantic dragon who is hiding in the nest or inside the mountain, all the dragons must find food for the monster dragon or else they will be eaten by the monster dragon.

Hiccup wanted to be just like his father a viking who kills dragon. But he was born different from the others, he is small and not strong. So his father keeps him in the house and never let him train to be a viking.

One night, when there is chaos, hiccups runs out with his weapons, he shoots a night fury, that no one believed he has shot a dragon.

The next day, he goes to search for the dragon that he has shot, he found the night fury, in the end he let the dragon go, because he saw himself in the dragon's eyes, scared, scared of being killed. The dragon is freed and hiccups wasn't hurted.

In the later part Hiccups and dragon the night fury became friends and they help the village to kill the gigantic dragon.

Which story part do I like about the story? The way Hiccups makes friend with the night fury dragon, he doesnt kill, but makes friends with the beast instead, they way he tries to understand them, not using violent to resolve problems.

I think that's the way we should learn, understanding each other. That's how harmony can become. Life is short, why should we want to use violent to treat others, why not use love and care, and good communications? So we can have world peace?

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