Jan 11, 2009

Little Princess Callys - Didnt Want To Wake Up

This morning couldnt wake up my little princess Callys to get ready for her second week of school. Trying to on the loud music, making up story, singing, tickling...gossh...she just didnt want to wake up.

My head is big now, cant use the soft tactic already because time is running out. I have to force her, this might not be a good idea, because it will just make her feel more scarier to ready for school. But I just have no choice. I carried her out the room, she keep struggling and made her way to the room again. At the end, I told her, dont want to brush up, dont worry just get change, later your friends will laugh at someone who is so smelly. She took up the words I said, so she went to brush and wash up, then ready to school.

Luckily, she was ok to go in the class herself. Glad and relief, she didnt cry at all, some other children were still crying. I will give her sticker as encouragement after school.

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