Jan 11, 2009

My Golden Cow Year Wishes

14 more days to Chinese New Year. Time really flies like wind flows passing by my skin, the cool feeling a moment ago has just gone. Cant even enjoy it a bit longer.

That's why I must keep telling myself, enjoy every second I have, don't make simple things complicated, be good to everyone around me, love my family and friends, dont let hatred cover my heart and my eyes.

Cherish every moment I have, make everything I do worth in my live. Because when times pass we cant rewind to amend the things we have done. We dont want to regret in life.

Sometimes, we just cant expect the unexpected. I am saying these words to remind myself. Sometimes things happened with a reason, we have to face it calmly and wisely, dont blame.

Let's hope Golden Cow Year will bring Happiness, Health, and Prosperous to everyone.

I also wish for my family to be always together happily and good health. For my laukong, success in his career and study. For my little Callys, grows healthy and enjoys her school.

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