Jan 15, 2009

Do Animals Eat Their Own Poops?

The answer to the above question is 'YES'

I guess not many of us would have know the answer right? Or you did guess it right?

There are about one hundred different kinds of insects and bugs that eat droppings (also known as poop, faeces or dung). An example is the tumblebug, which rolls its eggs in a ball of dung so that their newly hatched babies will have a ready food supply!

Dogs also have a habit of eating their droppings because there are tiny organisms in the droppings that help their stomach to break down new food. (I admit I do not know about this theory until I actually found out).

Other animals that eat their own poop include the rabbits and bats.

Source: Susan, Goodman E. (2004). The truth about poop. New York:Viking.
Putting this information on the blog, so one day I can still remember to read it for y little princess callys^o^

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