Jan 19, 2009

1st School Project - Reuse Shoe Box

My little princess's 1st school project 'Decorating Shoe Box'. I think this idea is great. First, it teaches the kids on how to reuse or recycle the shoe box. Secondly, working together with parents can bring the kids closer to their family. Last but not least, the kids can learn working as a team with parents.

For my little Callys, I will do all the cutting and she will do the pasting with her daddy. This way everyone has something to do.

After the box has been decorated, it will be used to store some of the craft work at school, so everyone has their own box to store their stuff.

Take a look at my little Callys's school work photos below.

Today she brings to school the shoe box, I show many there are many great work from other kids. Some with carrier, some just wrapped with nice gift paper, there is one looks like car with 4 wheels. As parent, I really earned some great ideas from others work. If you have creativity and ideas, you will make a great reusable shoe box, really great to learn how to recycle things around us.
I think I can learn a lot more in the future with my little Callys, because during my time at school, where got such activities? Only theory and theory ha ha

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