Jan 20, 2009

Chinese Niu Year Pictures @ Chinatown

The spirit of Chinese Niu Year @ Chinatown - one week before the lunar niu year. Hope everyone can enjoy the pictures below.

Niu Papa Carrying His Niu Son

A Prosperus Niu Year

The Spirit Of Shopping Mall

Uncle Wearing Traditional Clothes Playing Niu Song

People Browsing For Niu Year Decoration

@ People's Park Mall, Ci Xiang Ru Yik


The Spirit Of Chinese Niu Year

Niu Year Decoration @ Chinatown Street

Niu Family - Happy Chinese Niu Year Everyone

@ Chinatown Street

@ Chinatown Night Market

@ Chinatown Night Market - Flowers and other decoration
stuff for chinese niu year cant be left out on your shopping list.

Chinese Niu Year Sweet - to bring out sweet & harmony family.
Kwa Ci - to bring new generation into the family for newlywed couple.

Fruits to offer to God during offering ceremony on
niu year's eve night.

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