Sep 13, 2007

Play Group Registration At Apple Tree

It's finally comes to the time for our little Callys to attend school, well she might be just 2 years and 2 months at this moment. You know, in Singapore many parents go to work and leave their babies in the child care centre from as little as 2 months old.

Maybe different people have different view in bringing up children. For me, if I want to have any children I must take care of them myself. For a healthy growing and bonding with parents.

For her (little Callys) to start early at play group, so that she has more friends and learn to socialise and or interact with other kids.

Registration information:
One month deposit of school fee: $125
Material fee: $85
Total registration: $210

Done with registration today, waiting for the class to start next year on 2nd Jan'08.
Just hope my little Callys will not cry in the class but to enjoy it everyday.

Cia yo my little darling, mummy love you muah muah ^o^ ^o^

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