Sep 16, 2007

Free Photos Taken By Professional

Few days ago, I received a call from someone who offered me if I want to take studio photos which I will be given about 50 free photos after the shooting. And I could bring my family along, so I told myself why not, since it's free and we also haven't got any nice family pictures taken. So I made appointment with them during the weekend.

The day came, we went for the photo shooting. First, choose our outfit, hair do and put on make-up by the staff. Taking an hour for my hair alone, I didn't like the make-up on my face, looks fierce and very strong.

Shooting time, we did enjoy a little. After that we were invited to another room to take a look at our photos. I thought we can go to choose photos to bring home, I already knew this is a tactic to bring customers. So they shown us how to amend the photos using photoshop and offering us packages and offers if we want to buy or not. At the end we only got one photo in a cd.

Thought to myself, what a waste of time. Luckily, my hubby took some photos for my little Callys using his hand phone.

Check out the photos after adding background image. Cool right? Luckily we never signed up any package, because with the advance of free Internet service, I could make photos even more interesting, nice and cool to look at even an ugly photos can become pretty.

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