Aug 31, 2007

4th Anniversary - Flowers

Today is our 4th anniversary.

We have been living together for 1460 days, 208 weeks, 48 months.

Maybe it sound very long, but really times passing very fast, our daughter is already 2 years, 1 month and 24 days.

It was like yesterday she was still a small cute little baby. Next year she will be going to play group
The most stressful time for me during the past few years were,...times to go back hometown, I never feel delighted, even looking forward to go back there...the reasons? bluh bluh bluh...
Times to get my daughter to nap or bed....sometimes feel really stress:0(
Times when money is not enough ha ha ha...well who ever have enough money right?
Just glad everything has passed, and we are still happy living together. Even though we still have arguments very often :)
My cute little princess Callys^0^

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