Jun 24, 2010

Bigwalk is back after 5 years break

Remember the last time I joined Bigwalk was in 2005, it was special because at that time I have to walk in a big tummy, yup I was pregnant with my princess (photo left, my princess).

After taking a break of 5 years, Bigwalk is back this year. Me and my family are going to join again with our princess (first time for her or maybe second time because she was there in 2005 while still in my tummy).

This year's venue will be at Marina Bay (used to be at National stadium), on 18 July 2010, Sunday.

The registration fee this year is far more expensive compared to years ago, but the response is quite well. I guess because of the goodies everyone is going to get, including a ticket to Singapore Flyer the cost is already almost 30bucks. Its good for us since we havent been to Singapore Flyer, therefore I think the registration fee of $10 still ok. We only paid $8 though because by presenting the first page of the newpaper upon registering, there will be $2 off, if you have anlene packaging, extra $1 off.

It's fun having a walk with so many people, many creative people also transformed their t-shirts into a variety of different styles. That's why I help my princess to transform her t-shirt, as she complained her tee is too big.

Looking forward to the event soon!

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