Feb 25, 2009

PAP Smear Check Up Is A Must To Do!

Do you know that if you are a woman and you are sexually active, you should go for PAP Smear? It's to detect if there is cancer in the cervical. If the test result is negative, means you are ok, no sign of cancer cell found in the cervix. If it's a positive outcome, further check up maybe be needed.

It's only $25, I think it's worth to check. It's to be save rather then sorry. Plus we only need to go for check up once a year. As I am a mum, I also did ultrasound scanning, to check uterus (womb), the purpose of the scan is to detect if there is fibroids (Click here to read more about fibroids - the symptoms, how to treat fibroids and more). The ultrasound scan costs $40.

So my total yearly check up plus doctor's consultation is S$123.05 (inclusive 7% GST).

If you think you are a savvy person, this check up is too expensive! Let me tell you, it's not very expensive. If only after you found out anything wrong, the cost will be much more expensive. My personal opinion, this kind of cost is a must to spend. If you would like cheaper one, can go to government hospital or cancer society to perform a free test. I personally like to visit my Gyne!

Good health to everyone.

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