Feb 25, 2009

How Many Trees Can Be Saved?

Answer the following question to see how much you care about saving the environment!

01. Do you know how many trees can be saved from recycling 1000kg of paper?
a). 17 trees
b). 10 trees
c). 5 trees
d). 2 trees

02. When it comes to living green, the 3R are Reduce, Reuse and ___?
a). Recess
b). Redo
c). Recycled
d). Reread

03. When you're done with that milk carton, what should you do?
a). Rinse it out and recycle it
b). Make a birdfeeder out of it
c). Throw it away in the trash
d). Recycling and reusing are both great green ideas

04. Recycling an aluminium can save how much of the enery needed to create a brand new can?
a). 5%
b). 25%
c). 10%
d). 95%

05. Which of these is not a renewable form of energy?
a). Coal
b). Solar
c). Wind
d). Nuclear

Answer: (1.a) (2.c) (3.d) (4.d) (5.a)

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