Jan 3, 2009

Yamaha Music School

I have heard about children's growing and development's best period is after born until 6 year of age. If we teach and groom them during these periods, they can follow well and learn well compare to older kids.

It's not being kiasu or what, but it's really for the better of our daughter, we decided to register our darling EnEn to attend Yamaha Music Wonderland (for 3 years 6 months - 3 years 11 months kids), to stimulate her brain, and to see if she really likes music. As all these while she enjoys music a lot.

Course fee: $240.75 per 3 months (Weekday Lessons)
$272.85 per 3 months (Weekend Lessons)
Registration fee: $21.40

Material fee: $76.15 (consists of 1 Music Wonderland text book, Musical ToyBox, stickers and 1 Music Wonderland CD

I registered her for 3 months course, see if she likes it and how she will react to it. If not very good, I might want to put her into ballet class after 3 months of Music Wonderland.

Today, she attended her 1st class, parent is allowed to accompany the kid in the class for the whole term. From what I see, the music class is not bad, the music is great. I have to see few more times if my darling EnEn enjoys the music or not. As the class duration is only 45mins, once a week, so I have to let her goes few more times in order to see her development.

To find out more about Yamaha Music School for your kids, just click the link. In fact, the class is provided for kids as little as 3 years called Little Notes

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