Jan 9, 2009

1st Week At School

It has been a week after school started on the 2nd of January'09. My worry at last over. My darling EnEn at last enjoying her school.

The 1st 3 days were orientation days 2nd, 5th and 6th), I was with her in the class, so she was fine.

The 4rd day, no parents / guardians can accompany the kids, the crying sound was everywhere from every class, including my darling EnEn. She didn't want to go in the class herself, I took her in until teacher ready to take over her, the minute she saw me out, she screamed for mummy and mummy, I turn around seeing her face crying for me, my heart ache, but I have no choice but to leave her. Amazingly, after school I asked, how's school? She told me it was fun, and she said she will come again tomorrow. But I was still worry as she was forced in the class, she might not be willing to go in herself again the next day.

My worry was real, she didn't want to wake up and get ready to school. She kept saying, mummy accompany her in the class. I said ok ok. I knew it wasn't right to lie, but I have to bring her out first, if not she will be late to school already. The 5th day, I took her into the class again, she kept holding on my hand, and seeing her cried again.

This morning, every was fined, she went to the class herself, no crying, not saying anything about scared. I was glad, at last my darling excited to go to school already.

As her school starts at 8am, she has to wake up around 7 or 7.15am, and 3 hours of class, now she is having nap everyday. Just like normal toddler, go to school, taking nap and drinking milk. Now I can manage to have more of my own time, so glad.

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