Jan 17, 2009

Dont Let Your Child Play Scissors Alone In The Room!

You wont believe me, dont let your child use scissors when she/he alone in the room. The story begins when my little Callys just learned how to use scissors, so she keeps cutting paper. Before that I bought the plastic scissors with different cutting edge such as zigzag, but she couldn't use it, maybe because it's not sharp enough to cut. Just 2 days back, I let her try my scissors, she can cut paper in pieces. That's why she keeps cutting.

Today, I was helping her with her school project, decorating shoe box, while I was also doing my laundry. When I was putting out my laundry, my little Callyst was alone playing with the scissors. When I came back into the room, oh my God, I asked her what happen, how come there are hair all over the bed. She never explained anything, at first I thought she was pulling her hair, but then I found out more hair below the bolster. That's why I suspect her, cutting her own hair.

Thank goodness not much of hair was cut, if not she will have ugly hair then.

Please dont ever let your child play with scissors alone in the room, especially age around 3 if you dont want to see an ugly hair style on your child. If it's a boy still ok, but what if it's a girl? Even worse, what if she/he cuts themselves?

I learned it from experience, at first, I thought it was a funny of her, but then when I think more what if she was hurt?

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