Sep 22, 2008

My DIM - Promoting My Recycling Project

Check out my DIM (Do It Myself) hand craft.

All materials used are from unwearable clothes or jeans. The idea is to promote recycling project. I think everyone should do their part in recycling to save our big home which is the earth.

Earth is our home, if it's sick we all will be sick too and the end result will be, no place to shelter and not a single living thing can live on earth. If you think help the earth can help yourself and our new generation to come, please do your part, do something from small thing around the house, or from something you eat, dont waste.

That's why I am learning how to reuse clothes and other things that cant be used around the house and create something usable again.

I will be posting more on DIM project for my own recycling project here. Make sure to check it out again. Thanks for your support.

If anything you see here, and you like or dislike, please make some comment, I will be please to read.

Also, if you like my work and wish to own it, please let me know, I can give it to you for free.

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