Jul 30, 2010

Why the heart beat has stopped?

After over a year of trying, God has finally gave its wonderful gift to us. However, Good news has turned into bad news just after 2 months. When my doctor told me, there was no heart beat, he couldn't hear it. My mind was all gone blank, then I knew bad thing was going to happen to the little thing inside me. Yes, I just had a miscarriage. My baby's heart beat has stopped.

I asked God, why...why...why its happening to me. What have I done wrong?

After hearing what the doctor has explained and searching from the world wide web, I finally understood what was happening. I can finally accept my faith of loosing my baby.

Because my body has detected something abnormal after the sperm and the egg joined into one. That's why it's rejecting itself. I couldn't imagine what will happen if it kept growing inside me? What will the baby become? I dont know, I didnt dare to think too far.

I thank God for everything IT has given me, whether its good or bad, I must learn its meaning within. I believe there is always a reason behind everything that is happening.

I thank God for giving me my first baby girl, I am glad she is growing healthy and good. That's what I must cherish now, it's the most valuable treasure I have, money couldnt buy.

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