Apr 2, 2009

Tubal Sterilization vs Vasectomy

Just learn something new today.

Tubal sterilization is surgery to block a woman's fallopian tubes. Tubal sterilization is a permanent form of birth control. After this procedure, women will no longer get pregnant.

Whereas Vasectomy is the surgery for men to remove the sperm.

My hubby ever asked me to temporarily performing the tubal sterilization until we ready to give birth again, I can go for tubal reversal. Now that I knew, this kinda thing can also be done on men, so why must it be done on wives?

Luckily I never head for his advised, because I am scared of pain...I mean who doesnt scared of surgery?

I just helped my cousin to check on the cost to perform vasectomy, do you have any idea how much does it cost? Its almost the same cost as I was given birth! Private doctor, it cost around S$2,2k - S$2,5k whereas government hospital, roughly around S$700+. The cost I mentioned just estimation, if you want the exact price, please check with your doctor.

My point is, should we really go for vasectomy or tubal sterilization? Or just play save on bed? I guess, all depend on one's desire as well as financial ability to decide, and of course who should go for it?

What do you bloggies think?

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