Mar 6, 2009

Wedding Ceremony

Today is a day to remember for my brother Tatang, two souls has become one, he and his life partner is tying the knot on this special occasion.

For this day to come, 2 people has to have a special yan fen - faith - jodoh, to meet and become friends. Talking about faith, it really is amazing, because we might come from different background, different country or different island that might be very far a part, but faith has brought 2 people together, they meet and become friends and in the end they want to get married. Some people meet from different kinds of ways, some even become lovers after much fighting and hatred. 'Faith, Yan Fen, Jodoh' can anyone explain?

Friendship blossom into loving ship. Loving birds have decided to be together forever, they will have to ask for parents' permission. If no more obstacles, parents are ok about it, the loving birds or the loving souls will have to go through what we call it 'wedding ceremony'. This is to announce to everyone, relatives, friends, that they are married.

Much of the ceremony or rituals have to be carried out, I am not sure myself, but roughly there are few points to note:
  • Both parents have to seat together to talk about how they should carry out the wedding. Once settled, Groom's parents have to bring the betrothal for the engagement. Four different jewelleries set (necklace, bracelet, ring and ear rings in gold) has to offer to the bride's site and a big red pocket (normally, bride's site will only take half of the money in site the Hong Pao, and the rest will be returned to the groom's site)

  • After the Ti cin, the wedding day is set.

  • Normally, bride and groom can not see each other before the wedding day.

  • On 'The Day' early morning, bride will be dolled up and wait for groom to fetch her on a special timing. Parents will help the bride to put on head cloth.

  • At the groom's site, parents of the groom have to put on wedding suit on the groom and give each other a hug and someone will bring in the flower for groom. After that groom is set to fetch the bride.

  • The coupe then will go to temple / vihara for wedding ceremony.

  • After ceremony, groom's parents will go home first and hide, they can't wait at the door to welcome them, as it is said bad luck. They will only come out after the couple has settled in the house.

  • Then they will offer prayer to ancestor.

  • The couple then goes to their room to open their luggage. After that they will eat glutinous rice ball (tang yuan). For unity and loving couple.

  • After that, tea ceremony will begin. Tea will be served to parents and relatives, parents and relatives will give them jewellery or red pockets as a gift.

  • After tea ceremony, bride will go back to her parents' house for few hours, some people will go back for 3 days.

  • Everything is done, some will hold a wedding party at night by inviting relatives and friends for dinner.

Now the newlywed couple should have their plan for honeymoon.

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