Mar 23, 2009

School Holiday Has Over

A week's school holiday has finally over. Everyone has to go back to stressful or fun school? I have no idea.....

I took my daughter to school this morning, she doesn't seem to be happy, after all the holiday fun has over, cant staying in bed till 11am anymore. I saw her sad face with tears, she took out her handkerchief from her pocket, wiping her tears sadly, my heart really aches.

I heard one little girl crying out loud in another classroom, doesn't want to enter the room. I thought, my daughter might have heard that crying, making her a bit scared to be far away from mom one morw time.

Because after her class ended, I asked if she was having fun at school, she responded a 'yes' that made me a bit relax. I knew she loves to go to school.

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