Feb 22, 2009

Are You Feeling Guilty For Eating Too Much Chocolate?

The truth about chocolate.

Chocolate is a sweet that not only kids like to eat, but also young and old, men and women. Except those who alergy with chocolate, they have not choice but to avoid eating chocolate even though they might like eating chocolate.

Do you know what is the main concern when women eat too much chocolate? Yes, you are right, women afraid to become fat.

Now I am going to real the real truth about chocolate, that you wont feel guilting after eating too much chocolate:)

Do you know that chocolate is extracted from the beans of the cocoa plant?
We all know that beans are a vegetable.

Do you know that sugar is extracted from sugar beat?
Sugar beat is also a vegetable.

Therefore chocolate is a vegetable.

Let's spin the theory further:
Chocolate bars contain milk ==> Therefore, chocolate bars are healthy, right?

Raisin, cherries, orange peels and strawberries are in chocolate, they belong to the fruit family. So eating as much as you like.

Chocolate is good for stress
Just think "STRESSED"
Read backwards means "DESSERTS"

Send this knowledge you have just learned to your women friends and lose 2 pounds, send to all the chocolate lovers that you know and lose 5 pounds. If you don't share this to your friends, you will put on 10 pounds right away.

Why I said you will gain weight if you dont share with your friends? It's easy, because you just learned that chocolate is good, and when you share this message to your friends, you wont eat the chocolate all by yourselves, instead you will share eating the chocolate and the theory here with your friends, a big bar of chocolate is shared among friends, do u think you will gain much weight after finishing the chocolate bar? You wont right?

That's why I am sharing this message to all my friends, so when we get together, we will eat chocolate together, so we wont be at risk of gaining too much pounds.

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