Jan 20, 2009

Things To Avoid Before Chinese New Year!

What are the things people won't do when nearing Chinese New Year? And the reason of avoiding so is because it will bring bad luck for the new year to come. Everyone wants to start a new year with a good luck, so that they will be in good luck for the whole year to come.

Well, about this topic, I can only think of a few reasons. Please add more if you wish on the comment.

-I guess people will be unwilling to pay respect to someone who has just died.

-Visiting someone at the hospital, because they don't want to get sick themselves, just in case they catch some disease from hospital.

-Avoid from getting sick, of course everyone will want to enjoy the one and only once a year celebration season of the new year. Everyone will take good care of themselves. I would suggest everyone to drink more water and do more exercise.

-A more traditional person will avoid dark colour clothes.

Do you have anymore reason why people avoid doing somethings or not willing to do somethings before Chinese New Year?

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