Aug 31, 2008

Our 5th Anniversary Represents Wooden!

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary! Goshh, we are still married eh ha ha ha... myspace graphic comments
My Marriage Life

Of course we do, and will still do always in love.

Do you want to know what represents the anniversary of each year?

First year represents Paper, as the couple's life just started, still can be easily teared in peaces.

Second year represents Cotton, unbreakable and uneasy to be parted, but still soft.

Third represents Leather, some scratches in life are common.

Fourth represents Flowers, when a plant has finally growing flowers, it really is not easy, still need some watering and sunshine and takes times..still flowers can drop easily.

Fifth represents Wooden, although wood is hard, but maintaining the wood from white ants and bird pecker is not easy tough:)

Ours 5th anniversary represents wood, the real meaning I am not too sure, but wood can be stronger then flowers, leather, cotton and paper...ha ha ha

And guess what our next anniversary represents 'Candy', it maybe saying after 6 years of staying together, it's so sweet. Life has become sweeter and sweeter:)
What is your anniversary? Let me know so I can find out what does it representing!

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