May 17, 2008

Nursery Registration For 2009

Time flies, it has been almost half a year in Apple Tree play group for my little Callys. Just glad she enjoys playing and learning in the class.

Today I have to register her for next year's Nursery class. We have decided to put her at PAP Community Foundation. I went to take registration form days before. Knowing that now they have new Shine programme for nursery children. The price is a bit more expensive compared with normal programme.

Shine programme provides new experiences for kids, they encourage out-of-the-box thinking and innovative programmes to enhance and compliment the learning curriculum. They mainly focusing on Stimulating, Holistic, Innovative, Naturalist and Engaging, by conducting speech and drama class.

The price different between normal and Shine program for Singapore PR:
Normal Class: $108.90
Shine Class: $165

Spore Citizen prices:
Normal Class: $99
Shine Class: $150

Foreigners prices:
Normal Class: $148.50
Shine Class: $225

(The prices above are collected from PAP)

I have to pay a miscellaneous fees of $53.50 plus one month school fee deposit $165 upon registration.

Calculation summary for the whole term of school:
10 months of school fees only: $1,650
Miscellaneous fee: $53.50
Material fee 1st semester: $115
Uniform (different sizes different price): $10 (Size L for my daughter)
Badge: $1.2
PE attire: $12 (all sizes)
(I bought only one pair each)
Total will be: $1,841.70
I am gathering the above information, so that if someone need to plan for their children's education can have a rough idea how much money will be used for nursery education.
This is also for my record in the future.

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