Jul 7, 2005

Can Anyone Believe I Was Giving Birth In The Toilet?

At last after 9 months of big tummy, my angel is born today.

Time of birth @ 10.52am. (No one would have guessed this 4D numbers, unless my father in law and my hubby ha ha - they indeed won some money - but I dont like it, because it seems like taking away my precious angel's wealth or luck :-), not to bring out the disagreement or bad mood for everyone, I just regard this matter as having some fun - it's indeed happy celebratio to give birth to the first grandbaby for Toh family).

Date of birth: 07-07-2005

Place of birth: Home (master bedroom's toilet) - I know, you also wont believe about this right? My dad said, maybe there is a reason behind it. Maybe that's the way my little angel will come into this world. For me, as long as my little paopei (precious) angel is alright, everything is good and safe.

The night before the 'Day' comes.
I was having a very bad back pain, rang the doctor, he said unless you want to pay for extra day room charge then I shall admit to hospital, as I told him about the pain every 5-6 minutes, and it's because the first baby, doctor said it might not be that fast to come out. I couldn't sleep at night, my hubby also couldn't sleep as I kept asking him to massage my back. I did notice some red during the mid-night, thought it was ok to wait till morning.

My hubby became blur, didnt know what to do. Luckily, I am still wide conscious, I asked him to call doctor immediately, everyone in the house was panic. Doctor's clinic also panic as the nurse's sound. Doctor asked my hubby to get a string and then tied up the middle of the umbilical cord, and wait for the ambulance.

The moment I was in real pain.

The next morning around 10am+, I was going to get ready to hospital, taking shower and washing my hair, suddenly I have the very urge feeling to pass motion, I also have the feeling of baby might be coming, so I asked my hubby to take a look, he said something black coming out...I have to call my mother in law to come into the loo, she said baby on the way already, asked me to come down from the toilet bowl. The moment I stand up, baby is like being flash out. Thank God baby didnt being flashed into toilet bowl. I keep praying and praying at the moment I knew baby will be out soon, and we wont be able to go hospital anymore.

I was not in pain the moment I gave birth to my baby angel. The only painful time was in hospital, when the doctor checked up on my stomach, he was checking if anything being left and my stomach, I was in real pain at that time, and swear, I didnt want another baby again. I knew every woman will swear when the 'day' comes especially the pain was unbearable.

After waiting about 45mins, the ambulance finally came, the nurse helped cut the umbilical cord, and the placenta also came out. With the baby, we were rushed to the hospital.

I was then being hospitalised for 2 days. After 2 days, me and our little angel Callys can finally go home.

The un-bearable days of not being able to take baths, washing hairs have started for one month. It's a traditional old saying, to prevent the mother from getting rheumatism in the old days.

On The News

My little angel still @ hospital sleeping soundly - scatch photo of my little angel.

Mother and baby are in good health - both taken to hospital for further check up.

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